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  1. Elizabeth Z.

    Elizabeth Z.

    Potomac, MD More experience with trails and Ultras. 55k in Iceland this summer. A few 50K's and a few marathons on the calendar. :-)

  2. Jenn L.

    Jenn L.

    US 2016: re-qualify for Boston IN Boston. Break 7 hours in the 50-mile, win a couple more Ultras, and make the US National 24-Hour Team. That should keep me busy

  3. Loic B.

    Loic B.

    Irvine, CA Running Mountain Ultras!

  4. Tanya W.

    Tanya W.

    San Francisco, CA More ultras. All of the time.

  5. Jacqueline C.

    Jacqueline C.

    Leonia, NJ Big Goal: To run 120+ miles in less than twenty-four hours. Little Goal: To be able to run, full speed, with no fear, down a rock scramble.

  6. Aaron B.

    Aaron B.


  7. Dax R.

    Dax R.

    San Diego, CA

  8. Kevin S.

    Kevin S.

    London, ON Not sure what's next. ☮♥☺

  9. John Hayato B.

    John Hayato B.

    San Francisco, CA Javelina Jundred

  10. Knuts


    Wind Blow, NC To encourage more people to become life long runners and to live a life filled with peace and contentment.

  11. Luke W.

    Luke W.

    Stoneboro, PA 2012 Burning River 100 2012 Tough Mudder, Atlanta

  12. Clynton T.

    Clynton T.

    San Bruno, CA Getting my sciatic nerve to chill the hell out after back surgery for herniated disc. My left calf is still weak. "Running" a 10k Dec. 5.

  13. Larissa M.

    Larissa M.

    Seattle, WA Life's short. Run fast. // PRs: 42k (3:15); 21k (1:34); 5k (19:36) // 6x consecutive Boston marathoner

  14. Nikos G.

    Nikos G.

    Windermere, GB Ultraman 2012

  15. Levi B.

    Levi B.

    Lenexa, KS Marathon/Ultramarathons, etc.

  16. Rob-The-Runner


    Republic, MO

  17. Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Havre De Grace, MD To complete more ultra marathons.

  18. Dan S.

    Dan S.

    Grass Lake Twp, MI Get back into racing shape.

  19. Tony S.

    Tony S.

    Christchurch, NZ Round the world in less than a decade

  20. Brian W.

    Brian W.

    CO To go for a run the day I die