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  1. Ric M.

    Ric M.

    Van Nuys, CA Ultramarathons

  2. Pierre L.

    Pierre L.

    Saint Lambert, QC 100 marathons et ultramarathons à vie (plus de 50 à date) sans blessure majeure, vivre en santé à 100 ans et garder le sourire :))

  3. Matt D.

    Matt D.

    Pleasant Hill, OH Live longer. Not have to buy bigger pants. Run ultramarathons in the mountains.

  4. Marty B.

    Marty B.

    Salt Lake City, UT

  5. Thomas S.

    Thomas S.

    Vienna, AT my 1st marathon

  6. Marvin T.

    Marvin T.

    Santa Monica, CA 50 marathons in 50 states.

  7. Mike S.

    Mike S.

    Laramie, WY 2014- 1:35 in my first half marathon on April 5. A strong Boston. AG Top 10 @ BolderBoulder. 2400 miles for the year.

  8. Leilan M.

    Leilan M.

    Indianapolis, IN To run a sub 5 hour marathon and to complete an ultramarathon.

  9. Timothy D.

    Timothy D.

    Blacksburg, VA running reveals the poetry of the world

  10. Trace B.

    Trace B.

    Fresno, CA To continuously improve myself as a person and a runner. To stay healthy and injury-free.

  11. Joshua H.

    Joshua H.

    Los Angeles, CA

  12. St Croix Scenic 5.

    St Croix Scenic 5.

    US St. Croix Scenic 50; St. Croix Ironman 70.3

  13. James B.

    James B.

    Fairfax, VA Sub 10hr 100k, Sub 7hr 50 Miler; Sub 4hr trail 50K; Sub 2:55 mary; Sub 1:23 half; Sub 18 5k; 155 gym trips; 250 sub 7:00 miles.

  14. Craig L.

    Craig L.

    San Martin, CA Halfway through 2011--goals are to run consistently. Add new challenges; boldly go where no man has gone before, and stuff like that.

  15. Winston K.

    Winston K.

    Wichita, KS Running for fun again, with an intention of keeping my consecutive streak of Wichita Marathons alive still this year.

  16. Ultrarunnergirl


    Washington, DC Miwok 100k! Become the baddest hill climber I know. Ride my bike a lot. Run trails with joy, eke out a few PRs and practice Bikram yoga.

  17. Jarod D.

    Jarod D.

    Fargo, ND 1) Lose Weight 2) Train Hard 3) 2011 Races: Trail Mix 50k FANS 24 or 12 hour Afton 50k Lean Horse? Surf the Murph 50 Mile

  18. Raciel D.

    Raciel D.

    Los Angeles, CA 2016 Goals: Run two 50kms. Complete Ironman 70.3

  19. Darren V.

    Darren V.

    Anaheim, CA Co-Race Director for Race Across USA. Yep, there's an mega ultra that crosses the entire country!

  20. Roselle


    Warrenton, VA always in training!!! Short Term: a PR @ Highland Sky 40 mile trail run 6/2010. Long Term: MMT 100 mile run in 2011. Middle of the packer on roads and trails :)