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  1. Myckel B.

    Myckel B.

    Loenen Aan De Vecht, NL Run an Ultra Marathon Barefoot Make the world aware how shoes influence your walking gait and health and the benefits of barefoot walking and running

  2. Joe V.

    Joe V.

    Chicago, IL To get back into ultra running form. Find balance between running and lifting.

  3. Matthew A.

    Matthew A.

    Carrollton, GA 1. Complete my first 100 Mile race. 2. Place top 10 in an ultra-marathon. 3. Complete 6 Ultra Marathons in one year.

  4. David B.

    David B.

    Grand Rapids, MI Pain free running and then a 50K ultra

  5. Jeff W.

    Jeff W.

    Valparaiso, IN 50 Mile Ultra

  6. Sean W.

    Sean W.

    Lakewood, CO Finish as many Trail Ultra-Marathons as possible in 2014 with a smile on my face! :-)

  7. Jamie M.

    Jamie M.

    Tucson, AZ I want to get back into ultra shape!

  8. Kate K.

    Kate K.

    Iowa City, IA 50 mile ultra. I need to start working in more trail running. Sights set on Dances with Dirt 50 miler in 2014.

  9. Israel A.

    Israel A.

    Northamptonshire, GB Run crazy races that are against the ordinary. Run lots of trail marathons and finish in top 10%. Have fun. Enjoy the journey. No injuries. Crazy running!

  10. Keira H.

    Keira H.

    CA Trail runner, ultra runner, hiker, mtn biker, swim~

  11. Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Wolverhampton, GB To mid pack in this years ultra's not just complete them. Another Pb at London.

  12. Timbeaux H.

    Timbeaux H.

    Baton Rouge, LA Working on a revenge race: Leatherwood Ultra!

  13. Kevin S.

    Kevin S.

    London, ON Not sure what's next. ☮♥☺

  14. Benny H.

    Benny H.

    Bloomington, IN Various ultra runs and relays throughout the year. My main focus is the Arkansas Traveler 100 in October.

  15. Suzy D.

    Suzy D.

    CA To have a healthy 2013, run bike and swim smart. To listen to my body and rest when I need too!!

  16. Sean S.

    Sean S.

    Jersey City, NJ 50M Trail Ultra

  17. Chris B.

    Chris B.

    Richmond, VA To Ultra Run,Bike, Enjoy Life,& The Great Outdoors Of The Blue Ridge Mtns Of NC.

  18. Bong L.

    Bong L.

    Philippines To finish" Manila to Baguio 250 km Ultra Marathon"

  19. Meredith W.

    Meredith W.

    Folsom, CA Run an 8 min mile half marathon this year and a 10 min mile 50K ultra.

  20. Flipper B.

    Flipper B.

    Rockford, IL Get FASTER Lose 30 lbs 20% Muscle increase Running Streak Year 4 1 hour off 50k time competent pistol squat in 2018 competent toes to bar in 2018