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  1. Dan W.

    Dan W.

    Isle of Wight, UK Primary goal for this year is to cover at least 2015 running miles during 2015. Other targets include 1hr30 for the half marathon and a sub-20 5km.

  2. Takehito I.

    Takehito I.

    Marietta, GA

  3. Christiane G.
  4. Bhong Leano

    Bhong Leano

    Philippines Old rec = 2775 km (1 yr +) March 2014 To be healty and strong ultrarunner. To inspire others.

  5. Zoe C.

    Zoe C.

    England, UK

  6. Justin A D.

    Justin A D.

    Richmond, IN Run a marathon in all 50 states by the end of 2015.

  7. Sunny P.
  8. Scott S.

    Scott S.

    Moravia, NY Solo kayak finish of the Missouri 340 in under 50 hours

  9. Darko K.

    Darko K.

    Prokuplje, RS

  10. Mythicpaint P.

    Mythicpaint P.

    Hattiesburg, MS Paint Stores

  11. Sydney K.
  12. Deshawn H.
  13. Ashish M.

    Ashish M.

    Delhi, IN Keep running injury free and enjoy it :)

  14. Tolga T.

    Tolga T.

    Istanbul, TR is to feel 40 years old in every year of my life.

  15. Harshan R.

    Harshan R.

    More Mountain Adventures.

  16. Nutrio2 N.
  17. Aliza T.

    Aliza T.

    New York, NY

  18. Vandexafilultra
  19. Oirquajuriya O.
  20. Trey J.