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  1. Krista


    Madison, WI Goal: Run until it's no longer fun. Motto: "Always be a unicorn." Mission: #dontdie

  2. Ram M.

    Ram M.

    Hyderabad, IN Have fun

  3. Jason J.

    Jason J.

    Greensboro, NC TBD

  4. Maryellen


    Metuchen, NJ a marathon: √ WDW 2011 half-marathon in under 2 hours

  5. Sammy M.

    Sammy M.

    Colchester, GB To get the running bug back

  6. Kimi


    Vermilion, OH 2012: CLE half mary, a few duathlons, more cycling, more FUN!

  7. Gregory R.

    Gregory R.

    Boston, MA To be healthy and fit so that I can enjoy everything that life has to offer.

  8. Gabriella


    Clovis, CA Is to make running and working out a part of my life and daily routine. Exercise will keep me young. :)

  9. Christopher M.

    Christopher M.

    Sacramento, CA All time running goal: go from marathoner to BQ'er sub 3:00:00 26.2 sub 1:25:00 13.1 2013 Goals: 1) Run 5 marathons, 2) PR in the marathon, 3) run 365 days

  10. Sarah R.

    Sarah R.

    Sunnyvale, CA lose fat, gain muscle and flexibility

  11. Leticia M.

    Leticia M.

    New York, NY 2:00 Hour Half Marathon

  12. Ben


  13. Zynoawerwe
  14. Max


  15. Pete
  16. Matt
  17. Jormin M.

    Jormin M.

    China Losing weight~

  18. Wilson
  19. Len


  20. Cody