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  1. Kevin


    Wauwatosa, WI Qualify for Boston and get faster at every distance.

  2. Toni Ann M.

    Toni Ann M.

    Baldwinsville, NY

  3. Rachael Z.

    Rachael Z.

    Lawrence, KS Run a marathon and get BQ'd. Run Boston. Race a few 13.1, do a few sprint triathlons and possibly a few more 70.3.

  4. David H.

    David H.

    Windsor, ON Run my 2nd marathon in less than 4 hours (Detroit 2011), do a half Ironman in the next 5 years

  5. Darin S.

    Darin S.

    Bidwell, OH To keep on keeping on!

  6. Cynthia G.

    Cynthia G.

    Petaling Jaya, MY is to finish an Ironman by Dec 2012

  7. Glenn A.

    Glenn A.

    Tulsa Yeah, run a marathon in 4 hours or less.