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  1. Eric M.

    Eric M.

    San Francisco, CA To complete 2 half-Ironman triathlons and 2 olympic distance triathlons in 2011.

  2. Sara E.

    Sara E.

    Plainfield, IL Complete more than 3 Sprint Triathlons and 1 Olympic

  3. Danilo B.

    Danilo B.

    Reston, VA Get into shape, do a Century Ride and some Sprint and Olympic triathlons this year.

  4. Roxanne


    Seattle, WA To compete in 2010 at a stronger level in triathlons and running events...Improve, improve, improve and to just be better tomorrow than I was today.

  5. Daniel P.

    Daniel P.

    Nashville, TN The Middle Half (half-marathon). Then, I'll be going into triathlons ^_^

  6. Emma W.

    Emma W.

    Grand Rapids, MI 25K/ Triathlons

  7. Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Milton Keynes, GB Adventure Races and Triathlons

  8. James G.

    James G.

    College Station, TX Have fun doing Triathlons, Hotter that Hell 100

  9. Mary P.

    Mary P.

    Sodus, NY To compete in3 local triathlons (1st is in June 2010). I've competed in 5K's, but never a triathlon. I am cautiously excited about the ADVENTURE that awaits!

  10. Lindsey R.

    Lindsey R.

    Clemson, SC Prepare myself the best I can for Marathon #2. Get baller at triathlons!

  11. Amber T.

    Amber T.

    Laramie, WY get back in the swing of it post shoulder surgery. If that goes well I'll be back to doing triathlons.

  12. Tianna


    Woodland Hills, CA Loves Marathons and Triathlons Goal Iron man,Boston ,Ultra marathon and to run 10 marathons before I turn 21 (just 2more!)

  13. Stacey


    Atlanta, GA To no longer fear the cycling portion of my triathlons!

  14. Kara S.

    Kara S.

    Amarillo, TX A few sprint triathlons this summer and the Nike Women's Marathon in October 2011!

  15. Britton G.

    Britton G.

    Chicago, IL I am training for as many triathlons I can do each year and to have as much fun as possible. I am also training for ironman races 2012. Hopefully Kona too.

  16. Rebecca G.

    Rebecca G.

    Old Bridge, NJ Starting 2012 with training for the Long Brach Half-Marathon for the second time in May with LLS's Team In Training. Also training for summer sprint-triathlons.

  17. Ken B.

    Ken B.

    Atlanta, GA My first marathon was 1977, Thus far I have 52 marathons / ultras , some sprint triathlons, some bike hundreds. 2014 - I plan some tri's and trail races.

  18. Parker K.

    Parker K.

    Fremont, OH To drop my times in CC and Track and stay in shape for my triathlons

  19. Chris L.

    Chris L.

    South Portland, ME Cape Elizabeth Midwinter Classic 10M Something at the Pineland Farms running festival Peaks to Portland More triathlons. Marathon?

  20. Endurance Pro

    Endurance Pro

    Torrance, CA 2012: Triathlons, Duathlons, Marathons, Trail Marathons and Ultramarathons