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  1. Hana


    Manila, PH keep my running shoes from getting cobwebs

  2. Dynes S.

    Dynes S.

    Cebu, PH To run like Forest Gump.

  3. Kristine J.

    Kristine J.

    Cebu, PH My goal is to live life the way I want it. By achieving this, I WANT to stay fit, I NEED to stay fit. You LIVE you LOVE you EAT.

  4. Karolina W.

    Karolina W.

    Warsaw, PL Lisboa Marathon (Dec 5th) and Kierat 2011

  5. Jay T.

    Jay T.

    Pune, IN 1) Be Fit 2) 1000 Km Walk-Run 3) 4000 Km of Cycling 4) Learn swimming 5) Reduce weight by 8 kg 6) Complete a Half Marathon and 500 km cycle trip

  6. Sukalp T.

    Sukalp T.

    Mumbai, IN To improve with every passing day. Nice feeling, isn't it!

  7. Mainul R.

    Mainul R.

    Dhaka, BD Get fitness & save environment

  8. Joel R.

    Joel R.

    Pasay City, PH

  9. Vikramsinh J.

    Vikramsinh J.

    College Station, TX

  10. Pravin J.

    Pravin J.

    Pune, IN

  11. All Nepal T.

    All Nepal T.

    Kathmandu, NP I'm interesting to do Adventure Trip in the world. You are welcome to visit nepal.

  12. Gouree A.

    Gouree A.

    Ahmedabad, IN Complete Half Marathon in 2 hours by the end of 2015..and then train for A Full Marathon

  13. Suresh K.

    Suresh K.

    Bangalore, IN To run a marathon in sub 5 hrs ,say between 4:30-5hrs in 2014 atleast and reach 100,000kms in this lifetime

  14. Joseph P.

    Joseph P.

    San Diego, CA Complete the Triple Crown in San Diego, CA in 2010.

  15. Aaron J.

    Aaron J.

    Calgary, AB half marathons, Marathons and adventure racing, and to just keep loving life and feel healthy.

  16. Antonio H.

    Antonio H.

    Geneva, CH The Mont Blanc Tour - 330 Km, 8,000 mt...

  17. Mar M.

    Mar M.

    Manila, PH A Sub-5 Marathon. A Sub-6 50K Ultra.

  18. Faye O.

    Faye O.

    Miri, MY No definite goals. Just want to be fit and have a great time.

  19. Mims


    Sarawak, Malaysia, MY To be active while having FUN!

  20. Partha D.

    Partha D.

    Chennai, IN Long ride...keep my body fit and inspire others to use bicycle be fit save the earth at the same time