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  1. Chris B.

    Chris B.

    Atlanta, GA has the most Trail Runs listed on the Internet with trails all over US. Reviews about the best Trail Running Shoes or the top Trail Races.

  2. Toniotrailer


    Nantes, FR going further and further in trail-running (I am done with road marathons:7 achieved, 2h59best and last mark) 2011 : Mont-Blanc Marathon + 1 ultra-trail in Oct

  3. Alex R.

    Alex R.

    San Francisco, CA Run my first Trail running race. The Dipsea trail run.

  4. Israel A.

    Israel A.

    Northamptonshire, GB Run crazy races that are against the ordinary. Run lots of trail marathons and finish in top 10%. Have fun. Enjoy the journey. No injuries. Crazy running!

  5. Jill


    Rochester, NY 1- ENJOY running my first Boston Marathon on 4/16/12 !! 2- After Boston...more trail running.

  6. Michael M.

    Michael M.

    Calgary, AB Trail Running, Point to Point runs in the Great Canadian Rockies with my running buddies!

  7. Lauren L.

    Lauren L.

    Apex, NC General health and fitness, maybe ATT half or Rock and Roll Half in Raleigh. More trail running/hiking/walking and yoga too!

  8. Meg P.

    Meg P.

    Montreal, QC Get my fitness and running legs back for trail running/hiking!

  9. Stuart James R.

    Stuart James R.

    Merthyr Tydfil, GB is to get fitter than what i am whether it be from long distance walking, mountain climbing, road running, trail running or just general gym fitness.

  10. Jeremy G.

    Jeremy G.

    Minneapolis, MN ----- Run a 50k Trail Race ---- ----- Improve on PR Times --- 25k Trail - 2:16:11 - 8:47/mi 5k Road - 23:46 - 7:33/mi

  11. Kim A.

    Kim A.

    Worcester, MA Trail Running Races

  12. Ren S.

    Ren S.

    Reminderville, OH Staying Alive. Race 5k, 10k barefoot. Hopefully run Half and full Marathon or even Ultra. Currently Trail running.

  13. Katie W.

    Katie W.

    Manhattan, KS get my family (as a whole) to run with me! I want to get into trail running but don't know where to, training, area in KS to start???

  14. Meli E.

    Meli E.

    Austin, TX I am now officially an Ultra Marathoner! Completed 50K. Another goal, complete 50 Miler trail running in 2012 and 100 miles before 2013--maybe!!!!

  15. Harryburg


    Amsterdam, NL 80k trail run in 2012

  16. Jeff P.

    Jeff P.

    Danbury, CT Placing in the top 3 of my AG. Winning my age group in a half marathon or any longer distance in trail running is my ultimate goal.

  17. Colleen J.

    Colleen J.

    US get back to running around 25-30 miles/week complete road and trail marathon biking 2-3 x/week lose 60 lb in one year

  18. Dirtylilrunner D.

    Dirtylilrunner D.

    Las Vegas, NV trail running - ultras. 50 miler coming up

  19. Sean W.

    Sean W.

    Lakewood, CO Finish as many Trail Ultra-Marathons as possible in 2014 with a smile on my face! :-)

  20. Chris S.

    Chris S.

    Belle Fourche, SD Collegiate Peaks 50, Bighorn Trail 50