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  1. James D.

    James D.

    Falkirk, GB New year and new goals, first in line is to go back and run The Highland Fling, unfinished business with this one and The Devil O The Highlands Foot Race

  2. William K.

    William K.

    Vernon, NJ

  3. Brandy



  4. Melody P.
  5. Susan S.
  6. Nancy W.

    Nancy W.

    Springfield, IL road races 5k and 10k, and running consistently everyday!

  7. Keith C.

    Keith C.

    MA Feel good!

  8. Jason B.

    Jason B.

    Newark, DE To outrun zombies

  9. Liesl


    Fort Worth, TX

  10. Sioranth S.

    Sioranth S.

    US Return to the healthy weight and high level of fitness I had four years ago.

  11. Colleen J.

    Colleen J.

    US get back to running around 25-30 miles/week complete road and trail marathon biking 2-3 x/week lose 60 lb in one year

  12. Larry M.

    Larry M.

    Springfield, IL Jan 8 Siberian Express Trail Run, March 21 Sand Creek St Park Trail 1/2 Marathon. The biggie on my calendar - River to River Relay

  13. Jeremy G.

    Jeremy G.

    Minneapolis, MN ----- Run a 50k Trail Race ---- ----- Improve on PR Times --- 25k Trail - 2:16:11 - 8:47/mi 5k Road - 23:46 - 7:33/mi

  14. Christine


    Royal Oak, MI Two trail marathons planned in 2013 - The Trail and Run Woodstock

  15. Alex R.

    Alex R.

    San Francisco, CA Run my first Trail running race. The Dipsea trail run.

  16. Paul L.

    Paul L.

    Richmond, VA Fitness and Fun. 50K Trail Run next spring at a decent clip would be nice.

  17. April V.

    April V.

    Cornelius, NC First 7 mile Trail run on Dec 5,09

  18. Raven R.

    Raven R.

    Lawrence, KS My goal is to push my body and mind beyond what I think I'm capable of - I've committed to run a trail marathon in April AND's the NEW goal.

  19. Kim A.

    Kim A.

    Worcester, MA Trail Running Races

  20. Cathy B.

    Cathy B.

    Gainesville, FL 50k, 50M trail races, stay healthy and uninjured, follow Maffetone program and primal diet