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  1. Emily K.

    Emily K.

    Charlottesville, VA

  2. Bartholomew
  3. Elvis
  4. Mario
  5. Lu B.

    Lu B.

    to be healthy, maybe do a warrior dash next spring

  6. De De G.

    De De G.

    WI Ultra-distance, Ultra-praise! To spur one another on...That we may not grow weary and lose heart. Running the race marked out for me.

  7. Colleen P.

    Colleen P.

    Rockford, MN Break/Make 3:50:00 in Marathon, 1:48:00 in Half, 49:00 in 10K, 23:30 in 5K

  8. Scott R.

    Scott R.

    Springfield, MO 50k 3/2 Tulsa✅ 26.2 3/3 Tulsa✅ 50k 4/20 Chubb✅ 50k break 4:45✅ Bike across MO on Rte 66 in three days✅ Break 50 hours in the MR 340✅ First 50m finish

  9. Ken


  10. P J.

    P J.

    Lose weight, gain strength and performance.

  11. Gerard
  12. Cory F.

    Cory F.

    Columbus, MS To be the fastest.

  13. Chris B.

    Chris B.

    Rexburg, ID Live happy, help others to live happy, and stay consistent.

  14. Terri
  15. Darrel W.

    Darrel W.

    Sanford, NC 100-miler, multi-day fastpacking, Obstacle racing!!

  16. Reese
  17. Eduardo
  18. Judy G.

    Judy G.

    San Diego, CA Get past achilles injury so I can run Oriflamme for the 4th time!

  19. Jeff K.

    Jeff K.

    Cincinnati, OH Explore my boundaries. Work to get more people involved with a fun, active lifestyle.

  20. Paul P.

    Paul P.

    Woodstock, GA Running and crossfit to prove my doctor wrong