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  1. Meg P.

    Meg P.

    Montreal, QC Get my fitness and running legs back for trail running/hiking!

  2. Ren S.

    Ren S.

    Reminderville, OH Staying Alive. Race 5k, 10k barefoot. Hopefully run Half and full Marathon or even Ultra. Currently Trail running.

  3. Courtney L.

    Courtney L.

    Kansas City, MO Consistency and building up higher mileage; become strong enough for trail running again.

  4. Mark K.

    Mark K.

    MI 100 mile trail run and 1/2 Ironman in 2013... Completed last full Ironman at age 50 in 2008, various marathons and ultras (50K, 50 mile, 100K)

  5. Jill


    Rochester, NY 1- ENJOY running my first Boston Marathon on 4/16/12 !! 2- After Boston...more trail running.

  6. Beth


    Baltimore, MD 2:05 at B&A Trail Half Marathon - March 29, 2015 (DONE!!!!) Don't drown at Rock Hall International Tri - May 30, 2015

  7. Goodpeoplerun


    ON, CA meet other running enthousiasts in the bay area, and especially trail runners as I would love to explore its wild surroundings, get in touch !

  8. Keira H.

    Keira H.

    CA Trail runner, ultra runner, hiker, mtn biker, swim~

  9. Tania S.

    Tania S.

    Reading, PA Shooting for my first 100-miler in fall 2014. Until then, running lots of trail and enjoying the ride!

  10. Veronica K.

    Veronica K.

    Long Beach, CA Xterra Crystal Cove Trail Run 15K

  11. Kevin V.

    Kevin V.

    Buford, GA To ride a double metric century and the length of the combined Silver Comet / Chief Ladiga trail.. 200 miles.. Aint nothin to it but to DO it!

  12. Donald S.

    Donald S.

    Stratford, PE short trail ultras duathelons

  13. James P.

    James P.

    Lawrenceburg, TN is to do a Triathlon this year improve on my half so I can be ready to do a full this year! Also to do a 100 mile on a bike, and do some trail race this year!

  14. Duncan D.

    Duncan D.

    Mill Valley, CA Run Double Dipsea in June--14 mile trail race w/ 4500 ft climbing under 3 hours

  15. David S.

    David S.

    St Louis, MO Bighorn 100 Eastern Missouri Ultrarunning Series. Really want to run 230+ miles south to north route of the Ozark Trail

  16. Veronica T.

    Veronica T.

    Sacramento, CA Long term goal: 13.1 miles [NWM 10/16/11]. When I grow up, I want to be a minimalist trail runner.

  17. Jonathan S.

    Jonathan S.

    Duluth, MN Do more trail ultras. Maybe a tri or two. Not really competitive, but like to test myself.

  18. Jessica B.

    Jessica B.

    Lawrence, KS I want to become a stronger runner when it comes to getting faster, trail running and hills! And to have fun crosstraining with strength, cycling and boxing!

  19. Jess L.

    Jess L.

    Los Angeles, CA Increase my endurance, run at least a 12k trail run, burn fat!