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  1. Lilian
  2. Thad
  3. Darius
  4. Ashley
  5. Matthenry M.

    Matthenry M.

    London, OH Minies - Selling mini excavation equipment, excavators nsw, posi track nsw, earthmoving equipment nsw,

  6. Carrie S.

    Carrie S.

    CA Track Season - 400m, 800m, mile; Surf City Marathon; Boston Marathon.

  7. Bill W.

    Bill W.

    loosing 100 pounds and return to competing on the track.

  8. David V.

    David V.

    Bedford, TX Goals by the end of Track season 2011: 400m: 1:00; 800m: 2:20; 1600m: 5:00; 5000m: 19:00

  9. Cameron D.

    Cameron D.

    Meadville, PA Qualify for the NCAA Division 3 Outdoor Track and Field National Championship

  10. Alice S.

    Alice S.

    United Kingdom, GB To train for xcountry & track

  11. Taylor M.

    Taylor M.

    Oregon City, OR To enjoy running again, and ultimatly run a marathon. This track season, my goal for the 1500 is 5:20 and 12:30 for the 3000

  12. Peter K.

    Peter K.

    Masterton, NZ Track cycling - 4km pursuit in 4:48m (50km/hr) within 4 years.

  13. Molly M.

    Molly M.

    Herndon, VA Finish outdoor track season with my mile time back at 6:30, and keep up the pace into cross country season

  14. Ben A.

    Ben A.

    Make either the UW-La Crosse Cross country or track team.

  15. Shannon H.

    Shannon H.

    short term: stay in shape, improve time in xc and track, abs long term: i want physical activity to be a habit i carry out for the rest of my life

  16. Keeley Jo M.

    Keeley Jo M.

    Run at the State Cross Country and Track meet for Texas(:

  17. Christina Mae M.

    Christina Mae M.

    Hilton Head Island, SC To stay in shape for next years track season, and do as best as I can in Cross Country after not running long distance in three years.

  18. Jade D.

    Jade D.

    Improve my track and xc times

  19. Elise J.

    Elise J.

    Kennewick, WA Stay active during the summer until I get back into track season at EWU. :)

  20. Steven R.

    Steven R.

    Ashland, WI Go to state either in track or CC this year.