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  1. Jody W.

    Jody W.

    My goal is to be "High School Skinny!" Actually if my body responds correctly, I will begin to compete in some various events i.e. Tough Mudder etc......

  2. Latonya P.

    Latonya P.

    Firestone, CO Just want to get back on track and get toned up! I need to be swimsuit worthy in two months and stay that way!!! Woo-hoo!

  3. Rhonda


    Winston Salem, NC is to get back to running and complete my first marathon later in the year.

  4. Kendra F.

    Kendra F.

    A sub-22 minute 5K and 3 Triathlons a year 2014: sub-4 marathon, half-iron tri

  5. Admiral
  6. Dave
  7. Timothy Joseph D.

    Timothy Joseph D.

    Chicago, IL To be the greatest and most graceful athlete that ever lived!

  8. Grace E.

    Grace E.

    Cleveland, OH Run a mini triathlon with my mom and my best friend in August.

  9. Jackie D.

    Jackie D.

    Houston, TX San Antonio RnR 1/2, Fiesta Bowl 1/2, PF Chang's RnR 1/2, the Chevron Houston Full, New Orlean's RnR 1/2, and possibly Dallas RnR full

  10. Mike
  11. Tonette L.
  12. Darren C.

    Darren C.

    Medford, MA Goals for 2016: Run Boston; Eclipse my mileage total from 2015 - 1067 miles; Sub 1:30 half marathon; Sub 20 minute 5K.

  13. Jonathan P.

    Jonathan P.

    Fernandina Beach, FL Health and sanity.....

  14. Jeremiah
  15. Will
  16. Craig
  17. Antoine
  18. Henri
  19. Shirley
  20. Christian