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  1. Casper
  2. Bernard
  3. Emma
  4. Kelvin
  5. Dana
  6. Expoflorsg S.

    Expoflorsg S.

    Singapore Expoflor provides a complete flooring solution. We offer exhibition carpet, grass carpet, floor carpet for Fashion Runway, Arts Theatre & Events Flooring.

  7. Kungfushow K.

    Kungfushow K.

    London, OH Red Theatre Kungfu Show ,Beijing Legend of Kung Fu Show Tickets discount booking,

  8. Travis N.
  9. Gregoria S.
  10. Olivia S.

    Olivia S.

    London, GB My first goal is to be able to call myself a runner.

  11. Richard
  12. Isabella T.

    Isabella T.

    Los Angeles, CA Keep my body looking & feeling great! I'm always working to improve my flexibility and ability with Yoga and Dance!

  13. Okey
  14. Lisa L.

    Lisa L.

    Waterbury, CT

  15. Kate P.

    Kate P.

    Tallahassee, FL Falling back in love w/ running & training for 26.2 w/ Donna and other 2 (or 3) other halfs. Learning to lift weights, improve core, improve swimming.

  16. Sean H.

    Sean H.

    Toronto, ON To get off my ass!

  17. Judith L.

    Judith L.

    Chicago, IL Focusing on running this year after the Half Iron last year. So...CHICAGO MARATHON. Soldier Field 10 Mile. Maybe some olympic dist tris.

  18. Susan K.

    Susan K.

    Astoria, NY First Marathon - NYC. 11.3.13

  19. Suresh K.

    Suresh K.

    Bangalore, IN To run a marathon in sub 5 hrs ,say between 4:30-5hrs in 2014 atleast and reach 100,000kms in this lifetime

  20. Christena D.

    Christena D.

    Philadelphia, PA 2011 NYC Tri in under 3 hours.