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  1. Jeremy H.

    Jeremy H.

    UT Looking for the next epic thing in my life. Awesome wife & 3 amazing kids who all love the outdoors. Co-Founder of Altra Zero Drop Footwear.

  2. Benjamine
  3. Carson
  4. Bill C.

    Bill C.

    Lancaster, PA The 2010 Athens Classic Marathon - 2500th anniversary of the birth of the Marathon in Athens Greece.

  5. Niki A.

    Niki A.

    Westerville, OH Take up the Sport of Boxing in 2013! I want to take my physical fitness to the best level ever- obtaining the 6 pack I've always wanted.

  6. Barbara P.

    Barbara P.

    Boston, MA I would like to run an ultra sometime in the next 3 years. It is difficult to get the training in living in a city, but that is the goal. I welcome any tips!

  7. Victor R M.

    Victor R M.

    Shallowater, TX To run & to meet new people tht have the same passion as I do for it.

  8. Isaac
  9. Hayes
  10. Deirdre


    Edinburg, TX The Great White North Ironman Triathlon in Edmonton Ab.I already tried the My First Triathlon a few years back. Post injury, I am getting ready again! Cheers!

  11. Adam H

    Adam H

    Nixa, MO Finished the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on 4/25/10 (my first marathon)... now I've started training for the Bass Pro Half Marathon in November.

  12. Katie R.

    Katie R.

    Covington, WA To be fit and trim in time to make the most of the summer months.

  13. Sarah


    ON, CA Right now I just want to learn how to run and run a 5 k by the end of the summer.

  14. Amy W.

    Amy W.

    Break 1:30 in the half marathon and 3:15 in the full.

  15. Shelly S.

    Shelly S.

    Dyersburg, TN 2013 is to run at least 200 days of at least a mile or more with my little and to run 1000 miles as my personal goal for the year

  16. Lynn E.

    Lynn E.

    to raise essential funds for research and to finish the run running/walking.

  17. Jose
  18. Bradleyjacob
  19. Jerome
  20. Mario A.

    Mario A.

    The Woodlands, TX To stay motivated and follow thru with my desire to finish. Finish what? What ever adventure comes my way! I see marathons and adventure races in my future!