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  1. Xavi
  2. Perry
  3. Kian
  4. Maynard
  5. John J D.

    John J D.

    Virginia Beach, VA Beating my time of 1:50:58 at The Shamrock 1/2. Running in my first Marathon Marine Corp Marathon and finishing! Finishing 2011 in the best shape of my LIFE!!!!

  6. Anthony M.

    Anthony M.

    Redondo Beach, CA Short term ... 5K by the spring 2010. Long term ... lose 80 pounds by January 2011.

  7. Marla B.

    Marla B.

    Myrtle Beach, SC I have a few half marathons on the wish list for this year and it's time a for a full marathon again too. ...just don't stop running.

  8. Sarah P.

    Sarah P.

    Los Angeles, CA I'm a young business executive who spends her time unwinding on the beach every chance I get. I'm 30 years old and I'm loving life in LA after moving from the e

  9. Lola M.

    Lola M.

    To select the best bathing suits and other beach related products on the market

  10. Caban
  11. Shelby
  12. Dillon
  13. Candace B.

    Candace B.

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL general exercise for now, eventually another distance race! (Palm Beach 1/2, maybe?)

  14. Erin G.

    Erin G.

    Vero Beach, FL for a successful cross country season in the fall (injury-free). my goals for racing 5k: 19:20 (road) 20:15 (xc) 6k: 23:00-23:40 half marathon: 1:34:00

  15. Jennifer W.

    Jennifer W.

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL be in the best shape of my life!

  16. Patti


    Redondo Beach, CA Lose the weight that crept up on me after I was thrown from my bike by a bimbo going through a stop sign. Stupid knee...10 pounds is a LOT on my frame!

  17. Edwin
  18. Rebecca M.

    Rebecca M.

    Fort Walton Beach, FL To decrease body fat, increase lean body mass, stay sober, and continue to CrossFit and run while rehabilitating my shoulder.

  19. Sierra G.

    Sierra G.

    Long Beach, CA *Getting back in shape; wanting to shed some lbs and get fit! *Past Runs: 1/2 Marathons: Surf City 2010, Disneyland 2008 & 2009!

  20. Kim C.

    Kim C.

    Fort Walton Beach, FL