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  1. Stan
  2. Lorenzo
  3. Hubert
  4. Demesha W.

    Demesha W.

    Olathe, KS Be FIT & ACTIVE! Started at 342.2 pounds in February 2009 and hope to continue getting stronger as I get healthier and lose weight!

  5. Yvonne P.

    Yvonne P.

    Cleveland, OH

  6. Alexandre K.

    Alexandre K.

    Toronto, ON

  7. Megan B.

    Megan B.

    Charleston, WV Lose 10 lbs

  8. Parker
  9. Derek J.

    Derek J.

    Santa Monica, CA Derek is an integrative/holistic nutritionist who serves as the Executive Nutrition Director of The Biggest Loser Resorts

  10. Jennifer R.

    Jennifer R.

    Wichita, KS To run my first marathon! To inspire people to get off the couch and do something good for their bodies! To help people reach their fitness goals!

  11. Jana R.

    Jana R.

    Fort Benning, GA 1/2 marathon, sprint triathlon, and lose 15lbs

  12. Kim H.

    Kim H.

    Wonder Lake, IL walking another 5K