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  1. Allison


    Kennesaw, GA To keep to continue to play tennis and soccer in 2012, would like to run a half marathon this year.

  2. Nisarg J.

    Nisarg J.

    Delray Beach, FL Get back into shape, play tennis, live happily and healthily...eating well while cutting down on some of my guilty pleasures.

  3. Keri R.

    Keri R.

    Summerville, SC to recover as quickly as possible from foot surgery so that I can be walking by January, running by February & playing tennis by April

  4. Sherry R.

    Sherry R.

    Tokyo, JP To stay fit and to set an example for my children. Plus run a half marathon and learn how to play tennis.

  5. Em


    Washington, DC MCM2011, RagnarDC2012, RagnarADK2013 & ATM2013, check. Continue running 1-2/wk, tennis, yoga & getting my lower body ready for snowboarding season!

  6. Juliana M.

    Juliana M.

    Los Angeles, CA I want to be faster on the tennis court.

  7. Ellen


    Edmonton, KY C25K graduate turned slacker :-( Hoping to move from 5k to half-marathon. High school tennis coach hoping to motivate my team to a life long love of fitness.

  8. Sammie M Z.

    Sammie M Z.

    Heber City, UT -Get more than 350 miles by August 26th. ;] -Try out for Tennis -Letter in Track -Go to State in Track -Pass my friends

  9. Henry T.

    Henry T.

    Phoenix, AZ Keep my weight under 200 pounds, and to be able to hold my own on a basketball/tennis court.

  10. Crys


    Northampton, MA First 5k in September. Also playing softball and tennis during the week

  11. Khoa T.

    Khoa T.

    Minneapolis, MN Run, Bike, and Tennis with as many people as I can before my life is over.

  12. Jacquie G.

    Jacquie G.

    Blaine, WA Run the mile in 7 min. Walk ,exercise and play tennis more

  13. Shadd P.

    Shadd P.

    Bethesda, MD Run, commute by bicycle,play tennis, stay fit and be happy.

  14. Chanel


    I'm only 13, my goal is to make the JV Tennis team freshman year and to just be a healthy happy person.

  15. Writer


    MD Big guy working on becoming more fit to improve health. Tennis, walking, & light jogging are on current agenda.

  16. Fredricdfk
  17. Tennis
  18. Geri
  19. Allie
  20. Rodney