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  1. Peter
  2. Talbot T.

    Talbot T.

    Marietta, GA Talbot Tennis provides expert services in the field of Tennis Court Construction

  3. Tennis
  4. Orlando
  5. Benedikt
  6. Tennis
  7. Mario
  8. Tennis
  9. Johan
  10. Marie C.

    Marie C.

    Jacksonville, FL I took up tennis 2 years ago and drifted away from the cycling and running. I miss the running the most. Training for half in February. I need MOTIVATION!

  11. Willie
  12. Henry
  13. Lonnie
  14. Jewel
  15. Kaley B.

    Kaley B.

    Manhattan, NY a summer of running, cycling, yoga, tennis, sailing, and waterskiing (+ Race the Train in early August!).

  16. Reg


    St Paul, MN Tennis tourney in FL

  17. Satyaakam G.

    Satyaakam G.

    Ghaziabad, IN getting in shape to play Competitive Tennis

  18. Jason K.

    Jason K.

    TN Marathon (some day). Run, bike, play tennis with my wife and kids. The feeling I get from sweating and working on fitness should not be enjoyed alone.

  19. Dwayne K.

    Dwayne K.

    Kennesaw, GA muscle bulk and tone, tennis season, and an eventual move towards triathlons!

  20. Allison


    Kennesaw, GA To keep to continue to play tennis and soccer in 2012, would like to run a half marathon this year.