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  1. Isa F.

    Isa F.

    Manila, PH 42KM by October & November, and 3 more 21K distances this yeaaarrr! YEY!

  2. Evan
  3. Abner
  4. Carmen
  5. Frances
  6. Terry
  7. Karl
  8. Mikel
  9. Kaya
  10. Margo L.

    Margo L.

    Woodbury, NJ

  11. Ana A.

    Ana A.

    New York, NY bike ride to montauk. a marathon. oh, and to be happy, too.

  12. Ariana H.

    Ariana H.

    Phoenix, AZ 2012 Marathon Trials, My athlinks:

  13. Magda C.

    Magda C.

    Boston, MA Goals are challenging daily, thanks to CrossFit! :)

  14. Brian
  15. Theresa T.

    Theresa T.

    Millbrae, CA Bay to Breakers 2010.

  16. William D.

    William D.

    Jacksonville, NC Being a healthier me and to be successful in achieving lifetime mental a physical wellness.

  17. Cris P.

    Cris P.

    Melbourne Vic, AU A Marathon

  18. Kerri A.

    Kerri A.

    Portland, OR To run! And walk! And bootcamp it! Ultimately: To be the buffest version of myself by my birthday (June 15) this year.

  19. Marissa W.

    Marissa W.

    Tampa, FL shape up! :)

  20. Jamie M.

    Jamie M.

    Tucson, AZ I want to get back into ultra shape!