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  1. Rikki F.

    Rikki F.

    Austin, TX Run every week this summer!!! (Preferably run to taekwondo every day)

  2. Steven
  3. Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Roanoke, VA Set a new PBR for a 5k (done!) 10ks and 1/2 Marathon in 2009 (done!). Marathon in 2012

  4. Natalie K.

    Natalie K.

    Greensboro, NC Love to bike! Trying to do anything that keeps me out of a gym.

  5. Sara S.

    Sara S.

    Longview, TX Half marathon-eventually

  6. Marion S.

    Marion S.

    Germany, DE I'm into fitness since the end of 2008. P90X took me from skinny to athletic. I just want to stay the way I am today.

  7. Sukha R.

    Sukha R.

    Shah Alam, MY

  8. Ahboyyii T.

    Ahboyyii T.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY boost my strength..

  9. Christina L.
  10. Ed H.

    Ed H.

    Chandler, AZ Assorted General runs, walks, hikes

  11. Joseph R.

    Joseph R.

    Winchester, GB to beat the ledge.

  12. Robyn K.

    Robyn K.

    Melbourne Vic, AU Half-ironman

  13. Run4childsplay


    St Louis, MO To raise $3,000 for the Child's Play charity while training for and running the Lewis and Clark Marathon on 10/03/10. Details at

  14. Kahwai L.

    Kahwai L.

    Cheras, MY Marathon

  15. Melissa M.

    Melissa M.

    Carrollton, GA get back into running, train for another 10k and then move up from there

  16. Aida M.

    Aida M.

    Manila, PH Half marathon

  17. Jinky Y.

    Jinky Y.

    Philippines, PH

  18. Jolina S.

    Jolina S.

    Philippines, PH I want to stay fit, stay healthy and to run for life. =)

  19. Emmanouil P.

    Emmanouil P.

    Berlin, DE to be fit again...

  20. Van Z.

    Van Z.

    Portland, OR I need to drop down to 205lbs. and I would like to get down to under 8 minute miles for over 5 miles.