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  1. Rebecca B.

    Rebecca B.

    New York, NY Another 1/2 marathon, and getting in shape!

  2. Dallie


    Philippines, PH

  3. Melissa


    Warwick, RI Be happy and healthy and look good in a bathing suite for the first time inn years. I'm down 24 pounds so far and have 16 to go!

  4. Cassie T.

    Cassie T.

    Fort Riley, KS

  5. Pamela K.

    Pamela K.

    Deer Park, TX 2014 - Stay pain free! Work on speed this year.

  6. Emme L.

    Emme L.

    Friendswood, TX

  7. Amy D.

    Amy D.

    Clinton, NJ My goal is to train for the biggest event EVER....Life!

  8. Angelle P.

    Angelle P.

    LA Shape up! Run 35 miles per week.. at least

  9. Veletta R.

    Veletta R.

    Work on distance and increase amount of jogging / running. Need to tone up and lose 7-10 lbs.

  10. Kaylee G.

    Kaylee G.

    Morgan, MN