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  1. Krisbenn1


  2. Justina D.

    Justina D.

    Reston, VA to swim.

  3. Thomas T.

    Thomas T.

    Lancaster, PA swim a lot, bike a lot, and run alot!

  4. Bob M.

    Bob M.

    CO 2010-Tour of the Gila, Mohican 100MTB, Leadville 100MTB 2011- Mohican 100MTB, Chesapeake Bay 4.4mi swim, Breckenridge 100MTB, Leadville 100MTB, JFK 50 miler

  5. Cocoy M.

    Cocoy M.

    San Diego, CA run, bike, & swim

  6. Lisa F.

    Lisa F.

    Fairfax, IA total knee replacement November 2017-my new goal is to learn to swim for fitness.

  7. Candy J.

    Candy J.

    Kristianstad, SE Oly Distance in August. 2k Swim in August. Whatever else comes my way! :)

  8. Kate T.

    Kate T.

    Delaware, OH To swim like a swimmer To bike like a cyclists To run like a runner May: Cap City 1/2 June: Tri Fit Oly July: Giant Eagle Oly Aug: Miami Oly

  9. Dianne


    Tampa, FL Run bike swim 300 race miles a year in their gear to honor our deployed and fallen and finish above the bottom 5 in my age group

  10. Kenny F.
  11. Lisa S.

    Lisa S.

    Hershey, PA Hazy Open Water Swim Eagle Rock, Pa 1650 yrd August 10th 2014 Beware of Barracuda Sprint Tri August 24th Hazy Racing Eagle Rock, Pa

  12. Sue P.

    Sue P.

    San Antonio, TX My goal is to be able to swim,bike and run as much as possible

  13. James
  14. Anand M.

    Anand M.

    Ahmedabad, IN I am here to just Tri. Swim, Bike, Run, Strength, Rest, Repeat!

  15. Brodjohn2

    Brodjohn2 Shop swim fin brands including Da Fin, Ally, Kicks, Air Hubbs and more.

  16. Josh M.

    Josh M.

    Bradenton, FL (B)Gator Tri 70.3 (A) Florida Ironman 70.3

  17. Christopher B.

    Christopher B.

    Phoenix, AZ Get my slow fat butt back in gear!

  18. Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    Indianapolis, IN 23 min or under for 5K 1 hr 10 min for sprint tri 1 hr 45 min for half marathon

  19. Michael W.

    Michael W.

    Norwich, NY Half Ironman

  20. Luke D.

    Luke D.

    Springfield, IL To challenge myself, train and stay healthy...& have a good time doing so!