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  1. Victoria M.

    Victoria M.

    Guernsey, GB To increase strength, technique and stamina across all three disciplines

  2. Upandhumming


    Clearwater, FL I'd really, really like to run a sub 25 5K this year and run as many races as I can.

  3. Rachel E.

    Rachel E.

    I am a casual runner/jogger. I have done one half Marathon and trained for a full marathon but got injured. I would like to train with someone for a full asap.

  4. Jo-Anna M.

    Jo-Anna M.

    Honolulu, HI Marathon PR: 4:16:46 Half PR: 1:46:29 Ready to get faster and PR these times in 2014!!!

  5. Gamze S.

    Gamze S.

    Bursa, Turkey, TR

  6. Audrey M.

    Audrey M.

    Cabarete, DO

  7. Akiko T.

    Akiko T.

    Tokyo, JP complete my first half-marathon and a full marathon post giving birth :D

  8. Elaine J.
  9. Stephanie C.

    Stephanie C.

    San Francisco, CA

  10. Geo