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  1. Will H.

    Will H.

    US Crosstrain for surfing

  2. Carolina L.

    Carolina L.

    Palm Springs, CA Getting very fit and strong for my surfing. Aiming for 5 miles. I also need to stay fit because I fly high G aerobatics. I also lap swim.

  3. Peter F G.

    Peter F G.

    Manhattan Beach, CA Increased stamina, agility, speed... Would always rather be surfing!

  4. Morgan E.

    Morgan E.

    Sequim, WA Healthy Lifestyle, Stay in shape for surfing, hiking, and SeaFair

  5. Scott R.

    Scott R.

    Monterey, CA Simply to get into better shape... running, hiking, surfing, paddling, skating... whatever.

  6. Anna


    Portsmouth, NH get better at surfing

  7. April M.

    April M.

    San Antonio, TX Run a 1/2 Marathon & Marathon. Build physique for surfing & snowboarding.

  8. Florian


    When it comes to surfing the internet, I love to check out my favorite websites, which are I also enjoy dancing and watching TV.

  9. Paul Q.

    Paul Q.

    London, GB cornwall marathon. Get in shape for surfing.

  10. Sithikohmar


    I like I find it very interesting. I love reading and surfing the net.

  11. Ed D.

    Ed D.

    Waialua, HI Overall fitness. Keep up with my XC runners.

  12. Tallguy S.

    Tallguy S.

    New Smyrna Beach, FL To be as fast and strong as possible!

  13. Nicholas P.

    Nicholas P.

    Cape Carteret, NC Qualify for the ITU Junior International Team as a USAT member and maybe race the International Junior Championship

  14. Audrey M.

    Audrey M.

    Cabarete, DO

  15. Carlo
  16. Ollie
  17. Nils
  18. Wyatt
  19. Lonnie
  20. Orval