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  1. Jen T.

    Jen T.

    Toronto, ON Fitness. Well being. Adventure. Sunshine.

  2. Stein
  3. Carlo C.

    Carlo C.

    2/147 Proximity Dr, Sunshine West VIC 3020, Australia Square One Factory is a leading auto restoration specialist in Melbourne offering a comprehensive range of services including hydroblasting.

  4. Mickey
  5. Diego
  6. Joseph
  7. Marcus
  8. Jamal
  9. Lizzie G.
  10. Buderim Dental S.
  11. Christina C.

    Christina C.

    Columbus, OH Completing my 2nd marathon in under 4hrs; 3rd 1/2 marathon under 1:45:00; my first sprint-triathlon; & finally, more cycling!

  12. Krista


    Madison, WI Goal: Run until it's no longer fun. Motto: "Always be a unicorn." Mission: #dontdie

  13. Kristin M.

    Kristin M.

    New York, NY Do one 5K per month. Improve my times. Feel healthy. Keep a clear head. Tone more.

  14. Hilary H.

    Hilary H.

    Yorkville, IL I work out because looking like a woof is never good. And I'm in too many weddings to be fatski. Also, I might get married someday, no love handles needed.

  15. Nadia


    Selangor, Malaysia, MY To be able to outrun a rapist/thief/scumbag for more than 30 minutes and through very hilly routes (uphill only. I hate downhills)

  16. Seeking Bliss

    Seeking Bliss

    Miami, FL

  17. Valine


    London, GB Get my 10k under 50 mins regularly. Complete the Brighton Marathon 2011 in one piece and under 5 hours.

  18. Pam M.

    Pam M.

    Avon Lake, OH Warrior Dash - June Vacation - July Wedding - August

  19. Sherrie L.

    Sherrie L.

    Fort Myers, FL Yardley 5K June 2012 (vacation in PA) Disney Marathon December 2012 OR ING Marathon Miami January 2013 Verandah 8K October 2012

  20. Michelle A.

    Michelle A.

    Basin, WY fitness, get back into running, complete a few 5Ks with an eye toward doing a sprint tri or two this summer.