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  1. Myles
  2. Terrell
  3. Donald
  4. Teresa W.

    Teresa W.

    Westwood, CA Fun!

  5. Elizabeth A.

    Elizabeth A.

    Grand Rapids, MI Run the Grand Rapids Marathon on October 19, 2009 in under 5 hours.

  6. Patti V.

    Patti V.

    NE I am at 173 lbs now and my goal is to reach 140 in 6 months

  7. Jeanette P.

    Jeanette P.

    Fishers, IN my first mini-marathon....was supposed to be in May but an injury 2.5 wks before knocked me trying for October!!

  8. Missy K.

    Missy K.

    Charlotte, NC Qualify for the Boston Marathon again, but with the new time constraints!

  9. Ramon M.

    Ramon M.

    La Crosse, WI

  10. Jackie F.

    Jackie F.

    Columbus, OH Sub-2:20 half marathon.

  11. Sarah W.

    Sarah W.

    Ringgold, GA Loss weight, feel healthier!

  12. Bindu U.

    Bindu U.

    Chennai, IN To get stronger and faster.

  13. Clark
  14. Nils
  15. Nat


  16. Karl
  17. Natasha G.

    Natasha G.

    Williston, ND I strive to be healthy, strong, and educated in all things fitness. I want to broaden my physical abilities and in the process gain confidence and pride.

  18. Randall