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  1. Rebecca A.

    Rebecca A.

    TX Walk 1,000 miles in 2012, raise funds for cancer victims, continue with weight maintenance and become an even stronger mother and wife.

  2. Sue B.

    Sue B.

    Green Bay, WI To be stronger!

  3. Phyllis M.

    Phyllis M.

    New York, NY Pure Muscle Pro can help you get stronger and masculine body without causing any harmful effects.

  4. Mac


  5. Bishop
  6. Denny
  7. Ivy


  8. Pedro
  9. Bartholomew
  10. Gail
  11. Duncan
  12. William F.

    William F.

    Independence, MO Lose weight

  13. Samuel H.

    Samuel H.

    Francistown, BW Train for and run a half marathon!

  14. Jeff W.

    Jeff W.

    Knoxville, TN To complete the St. Jude's Half Marathon this December, 2012, before the world ends.

  15. Thesean D.

    Thesean D.

    Sugar Grove, NC improve. enjoy. repeat as desired.

  16. Leslie W.

    Leslie W.

    Monument, CO Just to stay active everyday, whether that is running, walking, or really anything.

  17. Sunya C.

    Sunya C.

    Harsens Island, MI Is to be strong physically and spiritually, i also do yoga/ power breathing which is awsome !!(ana brett)

  18. Shannon T.

    Shannon T.

    Ballston Spa, NY To keep running.

  19. Scott


    Las Vegas, NV Get faster

  20. Raul G.

    Raul G.

    Palmdale, CA is to be active in some way every single day of my eat healthy and raise a healthy, respectful family.