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  1. Rene G.

    Rene G.

    Chandler, AZ I've got two 1/2 marathons down, one Tough Mudder race and am training for the next... Always training for life, staying healthy and balanced!

  2. Angel L.

    Angel L.

    Holly Springs, NC Successfully completed my goals for 2014. For 2015 I simply want to stay fit, active and injury free! I would also love to increase my speed...that's a bonus!

  3. Patricia M.

    Patricia M.

    Los Angeles, CA I just want to stay active and healthy =) Just looking for eating tips and motivation!

  4. Kristal H.

    Kristal H.

    Gilbert, AZ my goal is to be fit and confident in my body and my activity when i play sports and run.

  5. Diana A.

    Diana A.

    Boulder, CO Getting back into the swing again after a hiatus... taking it slow to avoid injuries!

  6. Kelly S

    Kelly S

    Austin, TX Next...Austin(Full) Marathon!

  7. Greg H.

    Greg H.

    Murfreesboro, TN

  8. Becca


    Tacoma, WA Getting my body back to the strong, pre-pregnancy 126 lbs I used to be! Also wanting to run Warrior Dash in late July and eventually run a half marathon!

  9. John D H.

    John D H.

    Midland, TX Make the transition to a minimalistic/natural running style, have FUN running (it is supposed to be fun, remember?) and to run every time like it is my last !

  10. Lea H.

    Lea H.

    Concepcion, CL Recovery efforts in Concepcion, Chile. Begin running again, no to the Santiago half marathon this year.

  11. Jonelle C.

    Jonelle C.

    1/2 marathon

  12. Mandy T.

    Mandy T.

    Gunter, TX Time to take it up a notch...been maintaining the same weight and body style for awhile. Starting to eat clean and train harder! CROSSFIT and RUNNING 4HIM

  13. Valerie B.

    Valerie B.

    Beaumont, TX 100 miles before Christmas challenge.

  14. Amy M.

    Amy M.

    Minneapolis, MN Completing my first half marathon on August 7th. Running the Minnesota Half Marathon in St. Paul, MN.

  15. Jennifer D.

    Jennifer D.

    Louisville, KY Achieved my goal of running a half marathon. My current goal is just maintaining a healthy lifestyle with many different types of activity.

  16. Taylor


    KS Chicago Marathon

  17. Jamie C.

    Jamie C.

    Cary, NC 5k sub 25 min. 10k sub 60 min. and half sub 2 hours.

  18. David


    Cocoa, FL Stay healthy

  19. Amy Bru C.

    Amy Bru C.

    Fairview Heights, IL completely running a 5k DONE Nov 5th 2011 35:19, next up half marathon

  20. Derek T.

    Derek T.

    Dixon, IL run 20 miles week, eat better and lose 20 lbs.