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  1. Martin
  2. Guy


  3. Marvin
  4. Christopher R.

    Christopher R.

    Cherokee, NC Knoxville Marathon 2018

  5. Raymond
  6. Frank
  7. Kirt B.

    Kirt B.

    Rotherham, GB to cycle coast to coast.

  8. Kendra H.

    Kendra H.

    Miami, FL Run the Disney Wine & Dine Half marathon this year (2012) at a decently competitive pace. Also lean up and get back to my sexy dancer body.

  9. Jeff R.

    Jeff R.

    Anchorage, AK My goal is to get in much better shape than I am now. 1-1/2 years ago I was at 275 lbs. and couldn't do much at all, so I think I'm doing OK. :)

  10. Elizabeth


    St Louis, MO being able to run a 5k again, without stopping, in less than 35 minutes.

  11. Ronnie Elvis T.

    Ronnie Elvis T.

    Mobile, AL Better health

  12. Tetsuaki I.

    Tetsuaki I.

    Fujisawa Shi, JP

  13. Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Mississauga, ON Chilly Half-Marathon

  14. Sarah Y.

    Sarah Y.

    Eastern Passage, NS Goal for 2012: run the cuddly coyote trail race in under 3 hours

  15. Trekchick
  16. Amy H.

    Amy H.

    Owensboro, KY Run a whole 5k without walking, and finish in under 35 minutes.

  17. Lon


  18. Stan P.

    Stan P.

    Run ultras, again - do mostly 50-milers. Maybe do a 100k. Bucket list - doing the Dirt Slam (in one year), and a 100-miler, ....

  19. Christian
  20. Shelly