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  1. Hollie
  2. Conrad
  3. Eli


  4. Timothy
  5. Otto
  6. Silas
  7. Allan
  8. Emerson H.

    Emerson H.

    New York, NY Olympic distance triathlon

  9. Demesha W.

    Demesha W.

    Olathe, KS Be FIT & ACTIVE! Started at 342.2 pounds in February 2009 and hope to continue getting stronger as I get healthier and lose weight!

  10. Kenny T.

    Kenny T.

    Richmond, VA Tough Mudder, Half, Marathon, Ragnar Relay

  11. Gerald F.

    Gerald F.

    Los Angeles, CA To cycle as much as I can, because I dig it.

  12. Sortiz


    Santa Monica, CA To get back in running shape and win a bet that I made with Javier Rivera; which is to run a 1/2 marathon in 2 hours or less. Timeline before Dec. 2011

  13. Lichelle C.

    Lichelle C.

    Lose 10 lbs in the healthiest and quickest way possible.

  14. Jesse


    Mentor, OH

  15. Jon K.

    Jon K.

    Everett, WA Get back into Hawaii Shape Run a Half-Marathon. Break 500 total miles in 2016. Break 50 miles in a week. Have fun!

  16. Sammie
  17. Bobbie
  18. Sirah
  19. Augund
  20. Henedina