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  1. Fred H.

    Fred H.

    Ullapool, GB Enter a load of Sportives this year and catch Irish Bob. To get fitter, faster and younger as the year progresses !!

  2. Jose Luis B.

    Jose Luis B.

    Madrid (Madrid), ES To go to the end

  3. Kathryn M.

    Kathryn M.

    Donegal, IE

  4. Jp Tommy L.

    Jp Tommy L.

    Lausanne, CH Ultra runningman always willing to finish all races. Cross country skking and ski mountaineering,cycling and fitness workouts. Pacemaker for marathons.

  5. Cyndy A.

    Cyndy A.

    Look good naked

  6. Yeti R.

    Yeti R.

    Thanks to my friend Lisa D, I've been on a specified running program for over a week now. Wish me luck!!!

  7. Awa G.

    Awa G.

    Marina Del Rey, CA 1) THE goal >>>>> HM 2.24. 2) Weekly sub goal >>> RUN at least 3 x as per the HM plan. 3) goal that it OK to skip : cross train once/twice as time

  8. Daryl
  9. Kirk
  10. Bee


  11. Barney