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  1. Martin
  2. Edd


  3. Lacey S.

    Lacey S.

    Los Angeles, CA not to get injured! plus speed and fun.

  4. Glenn M.

    Glenn M.

    OK To run as much as possible and share my passion for the sport along the way.

  5. Sue H.

    Sue H.

    Perth Wa, AU Complete C25K then move on to achieving 10 km milestone

  6. Duncan
  7. Robert W.

    Robert W.

    Essen, DE Sport is like a chain reaction. Once It's started, it's hard to stop!

  8. Jonah
  9. Edd


  10. Amy S.

    Amy S.

    Northbridge, MA To continuously be curious about what the next run will be like. To always be a good sport. To not swear audibly in a race.

  11. Ricky A.

    Ricky A.

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  12. Thewagonstore
  13. Dave H.

    Dave H.

    Howell, MI To train myself back into shape after a very sedentry winter and get competetive in marathon canoe racing.

  14. Lee W.

    Lee W.

    My goal is to run a marathon! I will achieve this!

  15. Julie S.

    Julie S.

    Rochester, NY

  16. Oscar
  17. Clark
  18. Roger
  19. Timmy
  20. Aurelio