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  1. Joanne D.

    Joanne D.

    To run a 2-hour 1/2 Marathon, run another marathon in 2014 and stay injury free :)

  2. Rita D.

    Rita D.

    Bloomington, IL Weekly Run 10 - 15 miles with 3 - 4 cardio cross trains-Spinning; 2 - 3 strength based workouts including push ups; 2 - 3 yoga and/or pilates workouts

  3. Jules T.

    Jules T.

    San Diego, CA 2014 Goals: Log 2014 miles between running and spinning, run four 10k races, and one half marathon. Have a healthy pregnancy and delivery for Baby Taggart.

  4. Brian H.

    Brian H.

    Millersville, MD Spinning Instructor

  5. Mel F.

    Mel F.

    Boston, MA I would really like to be less squishy. When the weather warms up, I want to transition from spinning to on-road cycling.

  6. Darcie W.

    Darcie W.

    Kalamazoo, MI I have a lot of goals I have set. Being my fittest is my first and I want to run a half marathon then a marathon! I have yet to chose a race yet beyond a 5k!

  7. Isaiah
  8. Johnny
  9. Thad
  10. Clark
  11. Oliver
  12. Jen B.

    Jen B.

    Mesa, AZ

  13. Farah S.

    Farah S.

    Brooklyn, NY

  14. Tony D.

    Tony D.

    Maple Shade, NJ

  15. Jessica L.

    Jessica L.

    Atlanta, GA To be in the best shape of my life. To inspire others to be active. Run a half under 2.

  16. Courtney O.

    Courtney O.

    Lake Mary, FL

  17. Shauna C.

    Shauna C.

    Boston, MA Fitness, health..weight loss.Completed two marathons in 7months looking for my third

  18. Genevieve M.

    Genevieve M.

    Winchester, VA learning to love my body for all it allows me to do. 6:30 mile. sub 25 5k. sub 51 10k. sub 2:00 half. p90x/running hybrid. doing 10 REAL pushups!

  19. Brittany M.

    Brittany M.

    San Francisco, CA CIM

  20. Beth C.

    Beth C.

    St Louis, MO Lewis & Clark Marathon