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  1. Aimee S.

    Aimee S.

    AR Running is my first love. I'm a 5k - Ultra Marathon gal. Boston Qualifier. Pilates, Booty Barre & Spin Instructor.

  2. Vee F.

    Vee F.

    Newtown, PA Complete a total of 18 half-marathons in 2013 to make it a total of 50 in 4 years. Run NYCM by 2015 and continue teaching Zumba® & Spin & Bootcamp.

  3. Megan L.

    Megan L.

    Sulphur, LA I am trying to improve on my run time and just live a healthier life. I have dropped about 85 pounds so far just from running. I recently added spin clases.

  4. Rhonda J.

    Rhonda J.

    Phoenix, AZ Lost a total of 65 pounds and kept it off for 5 years now!! Eating healthly and becoming a Spin instructor has brought me much joy in this second phase of life.

  5. Dewey
  6. Elliot
  7. Lisa B.

    Lisa B.

    Metter, GA

  8. Margo L.

    Margo L.

    Woodbury, NJ

  9. Niki H.

    Niki H.

    Seattle, WA

  10. Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    Southington, CT 10

  11. Steph


    Run my first 10K race in August and complete a sprint triathlon in September (beating last year's time!)

  12. Candice M.

    Candice M.

    Corpus Christi, TX Marathon in 2012.

  13. Naomi


    San Francisco, CA have fun in everything i do!

  14. Susan


    Phoenix, AZ Participate in a marathon (jog/walk). I would like to be aerobically fit, more toned and lose 15 pounds by April, 2009

  15. Betty



  16. Rachel K.

    Rachel K.

    Miami, FL 10k under 1hr; 3 races in 2012 (5k Mud Dog 9/30);

  17. Jennifer S.

    Jennifer S.

    1/2 marathon

  18. Alyssa F.

    Alyssa F.

    Milwaukee, WI Run enough so I can eat whatever I want. 2014 goals: STL Marathon 10/15; and sub-1:50 half marathon.

  19. Gena H.

    Gena H.

    Palm Harbor, FL

  20. Stephanie B.

    Stephanie B.

    Richmond, VA