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  1. Sharleen Y.

    Sharleen Y.

    Beaverton, OR

  2. Sandra W.

    Sandra W.

    Chicago, IL To be the healthiest I can be AND run a marathon by April 2012!!!!

  3. Jessi R.

    Jessi R.

    Milwaukee, WI To show my athletes that it is important & awesome to be healthy & active! (To get back to where I was... Tough Mudder 2013, spring time half, and more!)

  4. Mallory S.

    Mallory S.

    Skiatook, OK I ran my first half marathon on April 17th 2011 and it was one of the most brilliant experiences of my life... I am going to keep racing!

  5. Christine D.

    Christine D.

    Schoolcraft, MI My goal is to never be the fat girl ever again! I've spent most of my life being over weight but that's all in the past now.

  6. Niki J.

    Niki J.

    United Kingdom To be fit and healthy. Walk an hour a day plus Pilates daily.

  7. Terri A.

    Terri A.

    Scottsdale, AZ Love what I'm doing, strive for improvement, encourage others, and always smile!

  8. Dustin W.

    Dustin W.

    Murrells Inlet, SC To just run and enjoy it!

  9. Leanne W.

    Leanne W.

    Fargo, ND 5K at the Dick Beardsley race in Detroit Lakes on September 11 and the 10K at Fargo Marathon next May

  10. Samantha R.

    Samantha R.

    Bremen, IN

  11. Kimberly S.

    Kimberly S.

    Brooklyn, MI To stay in shape this winter and continue running in preparation of completing my first marathon in May!

  12. Jennifer F.

    Jennifer F.

    Herat, AF To lose 10 more pounds and get a promotion at work

  13. Sherry L.

    Sherry L.

    Marysville, OH for 2012 I'm going to run a couple 5ks, Warrior Dash in June, might venture a minni tri, but I want to build more muscle and tighten my core.

  14. Daphnee Ada C.

    Daphnee Ada C.

    Belleville, IL My Goal is to Stay fit, start eating Healthy foods, run everyday, lose at least 30-45 lbs, run 2 miles in 16 minutes, and To Run a Marathon

  15. Nikki


    Cambridge, MN To outlive the that such a bad thing?

  16. Jocelyn A.

    Jocelyn A.

    Lynn, MA My goals are to be as strong as I can be physically and mentally, and to get back into competitive running.

  17. Shayna L.

    Shayna L.

    Wellington, FL To run a 1/2 marathon in May 2012! Also to be healthier, happier and hopefully lose a little weight in the process.

  18. Nicole H.

    Nicole H.

    Edmond, OK Lose weight and get into shape.

  19. Jane M.

    Jane M.

    Lose 40 pounds while walking and eating better before New Year's Eve!

  20. Curtis C.

    Curtis C.

    Christiansburg, VA 500 miles each year , pass work Physical Fitness Test and run in as many 5K's as possible. Run at least 12 to 16 miles each week.