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  1. Sharleen Y.

    Sharleen Y.

    Beaverton, OR

  2. Sandra W.

    Sandra W.

    Chicago, IL To be the healthiest I can be AND run a marathon by April 2012!!!!

  3. Kandis P.

    Kandis P.

    Hailey, ID To finish a half-marathon, get in shape & lose some weight

  4. Jennifer Z.

    Jennifer Z.

    Rochester, NY To maintain an active lifestyle through a variety of activities, to support my active lifestyle with good nutrition, and to work towards my goal wt. of 119lbs.

  5. Aloha D.

    Aloha D.

    I'm an absolute beginner. So I wish to run for half an hour without breaks in 10 weeks!

  6. Mike T.

    Mike T.

    Andover, NJ Just trying to stay in good shape and live a long time. I completed a 1/2 marathon and a marathon maybe in the cards sometime.

  7. Jessi R.

    Jessi R.

    Milwaukee, WI To show my athletes that it is important & awesome to be healthy & active! (To get back to where I was... Tough Mudder 2013, spring time half, and more!)

  8. Ali K.

    Ali K.

    Western, NY Wineglass Marathon!

  9. Jeremy E.

    Jeremy E.

    Birmingham, AL complete a Half Marathon, do better on the Statue to Statue 15K in 2011, run with the wind-not against

  10. Samantha R.

    Samantha R.

    Bremen, IN

  11. Nikki


    Cambridge, MN To outlive the that such a bad thing?

  12. Bobbi S.

    Bobbi S.

    Sartell, MN

  13. Patricia P.

    Patricia P.

    Ventura, CA Finish the 21 miler with my friend in under 6 hours.

  14. Jami P.

    Jami P.

    Staunton, VA *Run a 5k without stopping to walk. *Run a mile in 10 minutes by the end of the year. *Run with my 6 year old son as much as possible.

  15. Jody
  16. Ganesh K.

    Ganesh K.

    Be injury free always ! ST: Comrades & Ironman LT: Continue journey with running, Cycling, Yoga, Gym workout and Swimming.

  17. Amanda G.

    Amanda G.

    My goal is to become a better runner, so I can run races with my spouse & eventually sign up for a tri.

  18. Auntie E.

    Auntie E.

    Olathe, KS nothing really but am aiming to continue increasing my mileage weekly!

  19. miranda P.

    miranda P.

    Lethbridge, AB * to walk/run 160 km * to run a 5k