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  1. Twila M.

    Twila M.

    KY is to run a marathon in all 50 states! In the meantime I am working on speed, fitness and breaking 4 hours in a marathon.

  2. Tauma W.

    Tauma W.

    Dallas, TX I'd like to finish a half marathon at a 7:00 pace

  3. Mateo N.

    Mateo N.

    San Francisco, CA 1st place in 2010 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu US Open in Santa Cruz in October, IKMF Certified Krav Maga Instructor by next year.

  4. Margaret M.

    Margaret M.

    Arlington, TX 10K

  5. Aubrey Anne B.

    Aubrey Anne B.

    Mississippi 50 Mile Ultra Marathon, March 5th

  6. Stefanie D.

    Stefanie D.

    Ventura, CA

  7. Sarai Y.

    Sarai Y.

    To complete a 1/2 marathon, and do it at 10 minute pace or under..BGR

  8. Haley U.
  9. Charles
  10. Tony
  11. Tefi F.

    Tefi F.

    College Station, TX To be fit and able to complete physical challenges. To take advantage of my muscles, bones and mind!

  12. Tracy
  13. Bishop
  14. Charlie
  15. Jerry
  16. Philip
  17. Rush
  18. Biagio
  19. Rufus
  20. Timothy