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  1. Mark B.

    Mark B.

    Woking, GB Mark Bowden is a leading public speaking Coach from UK who help people all over the world overcome fear and anxiety while public speaking!

  2. Dave V.

    Dave V.

    Dave is CEO of - A company that trains Speakers & Marketers how to make more money than ever by customizing their marketing/sales systems

  3. Frank
  4. Bill
  5. Ian


  6. Chester
  7. Rubykyx
  8. Stevie
  9. Forrest
  10. Ashton
  11. Peter
  12. Arthur
  13. Cedric B.

    Cedric B.

    Antibes, FR Back into shape, run a 20K at least before spring

  14. Katy W.

    Katy W.

    Alexandria, VA an eventual triathlon, but I'm not quite brave enough to call myself a triathlete yet! Also - must lose 40 pounds to get to a healthier BMI.

  15. Darlene H.

    Darlene H.

    Calgary, AB marathon in October in Kelowna, BC

  16. Bella B.

    Bella B.

    Bend, OR To work on my breath while running.

  17. Lakisha Terese S.

    Lakisha Terese S.

    Virginia Beach, VA TO maitain a physical endurance of 3 mph And to have fun esperience

  18. Tushar J.

    Tushar J.

    Nagpur, IN Fitness, achieve daily walking of 10 Km, and finally shift to daily running of 10 Kms

  19. Mark H.

    Mark H.

    Conyers, GA Weightloss and running 5 K races. My weightloss goal is to get down to 200 lbs.

  20. Woody M.

    Woody M.

    Boston, MA the gus stenroos mile run in under 10 mins.