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  1. Rachel G.

    Rachel G.

    Bloomington, IN

  2. Augusto E.

    Augusto E.

    Brooklyn, NY Get my body fat percentage low enough to unveil my abs and increase muscle mass on lats.

  3. Joanna M.

    Joanna M.

    Orleans, MA I started at 335lbs on July 25th 2008!! On July 17th i was 245lbs! On Oct 25th i was 236lbs My goal is to get to 175lbs!!!

  4. Liam M.

    Liam M.

    Chelmsford, MA 2014: marathon. 2015: triathlon. sometime in the future: climb a 5.14, climb a V5, bike a century...

  5. Roy P.

    Roy P.

    Lenexa, KS 2018 Road to Oz.

  6. Amy C.

    Amy C.

    Minneapolis, MN To run until I can't, til I die. And maybe throw some races in there. And perhaps be a triathlete at some point. I know: over-achiever.

  7. Matthew M.

    Matthew M.

    Fishers, IN

  8. Laura W.

    Laura W.

    Matawan, NJ trying to lose body fat and learn to love the body which does so much for me!

  9. Marc C.

    Marc C.

    Sarasota, FL To enjoy finishing my first 50K Ultra Marathon on the sand.To run, walk, bike 24,901 miles (Earth's circumference) by 2020.

  10. Stacia P.

    Stacia P.

    Lakewood, OH Pan Ohio was my goal and I accomplished it! Also, did several metric century rides. My last goal for the year is the Red Flannel Ride Nov 4th. One last MC.

  11. Brandon Eugene M.

    Brandon Eugene M.

    Brooklyn, NY marathon in November

  12. Danielle


    Winnipeg, MB To get on the move in the outdoors more often, and to enjoy life to the very fullest!

  13. Reed L.

    Reed L.

    Madison, WI Try to beat or at least match closely my half time from early last year. I've got 3 months till Nov 2nd....Get me in shape, Hal!!

  14. David T.

    David T.

    Memphis, TN Make it to the starting line (and hopefully the finish line) of this year's St. Jude Marathon

  15. David B.

    David B.

    Leesburg, VA To completely eliminate the need for the internal combustion engine...

  16. Kamil
  17. Brandon S.

    Brandon S.

    Nashville, TN Be Happy. Run often.

  18. Tien N.

    Tien N.

    Rio De Janeiro, BR

  19. Gavin
  20. Simon