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  1. Marcus C.

    Marcus C.

    Melbourne Vic, AU Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 160 kms individual

  2. Natalie M.

    Natalie M.

    Johannesburg, ZA to run a 21.1 before my birthday, to do the 12km trail run in May

  3. Yimster


    Puchong New Village, MY 1. A marathon a month in 2011! 2. A sub 4 marathon would be lovely, thanks!

  4. Amanda C.

    Amanda C.

    Brighton, GB 10 mile run, riot training, 41 mile cycle ride and 26 miles Brighton Marathon 2011

  5. Leanne B.

    Leanne B.

    Christchurch, NZ To be able to run 5kms.

  6. Fran G.

    Fran G.

    My goal is to walk at least twice and run 3 times a week , carry on toning up and lose some weight.

  7. Damien S.

    Damien S.

    To reach 150 pounds. Maybe complete a marathon :)

  8. Hayley L.

    Hayley L.

    Wandsworth, GB To run 16m Kingston Breakfast run 27/3/2011

  9. Karen F.

    Karen F.

    Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB For 2015 - to run a 5k sub 21, a 10k race sub 43 mins and a half marathon sub 1:36

  10. Chris H.

    Chris H.

    Southampton, GB Keep fit, keep off the cigarettes and enjoy myself doing it.

  11. Carla T.

    Carla T.

    Liverpool, GB I love to run to keep fit, healthy & trim :) I will soon begin training for the Liverpool Marathon 9th October 2011

  12. Matthew R.

    Matthew R.

    Birmingham, GB

  13. Joost B.

    Joost B.

    Half marathon in 1:30

  14. Karina D.

    Karina D.

    London, GB

  15. Hayley R.

    Hayley R.

    Nottingham, GB To tone tone tone...and loose my small jelly layer that is covering the six pack!!!

  16. Kareem W.

    Kareem W.

    Brandon, GB 4-5 minute mile. Marathon or marathon distance. Tri-athlon.

  17. Rapeewan T.

    Rapeewan T.

    Sydney, AU Training for New York Marathon in Nov 6th and Triathlon late November. To keep fit, healthy and in shape :)

  18. Tamsyn H.

    Tamsyn H.

    Christchurch, NZ

  19. Angie D.

    Angie D.

    Palma De Mallorca, ES To continue to enjoy my running Improve and be happy

  20. Kate G.

    Kate G.

    Johannesburg, ZA 10km valentine night race 14 February