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  1. Kali S.

    Kali S.

    New London, NH snowboarding and soccer season

  2. Alla D.

    Alla D.

    Revere, MA To not have to gasp for air while snowboarding.

  3. Emil D.

    Emil D.

    Torrance, CA Beat my PR's. Stay injury free. Fit running and snowboarding into my race schedule.

  4. Em


    Washington, DC MCM2011, RagnarDC2012, RagnarADK2013 & ATM2013, check. Continue running 1-2/wk, tennis, yoga & getting my lower body ready for snowboarding season!

  5. Matt H.

    Matt H.

    Steamboat Springs, CO To get back in shape after fighting Ankylosing Spondalitis. At least I can walk now! Snowboarding, hiking, and running to start...

  6. April M.

    April M.

    San Antonio, TX Run a 1/2 Marathon & Marathon. Build physique for surfing & snowboarding.

  7. Angelo C.

    Angelo C.

    Dorset, UK An extreme sports retail company that specialises in Kite surfing, Wakeboarding, Skating and Snowboarding. Based in Poole, Dorset.

  8. Carina


    Denver, CO Drop some LBs and snowboard harder, better, faster, stronger.

  9. Erik
  10. Francis D.

    Francis D.

    Denver, CO Entertain the world through fitness.

  11. Michael W.

    Michael W.

    Chicago, IL Podium in AG in a Olympic Triathlon and Running Race in 2011

  12. Heidi Nicole K.

    Heidi Nicole K.

    Denver, CO

  13. Eric W.

    Eric W.

    Austin, TX get better in my tri training all year long... start swimming regularly!

  14. Jeremiah U.

    Jeremiah U.

    Fargo, ND

  15. Ross A.

    Ross A.

    Boise, ID

  16. Kelsey D.

    Kelsey D.

    Durango, CO 2010 Ironman Arizona!

  17. Sarah O.

    Sarah O.

    San Francisco, CA Kaiser Permanente 1/2 marathon

  18. J B.

    J B.

    Brighton, GB Get/stay fit while living in London.

  19. Boer Z.

    Boer Z.

    Lijiang, CN Be able to do a planche with split legs. Be able to do an one-arm pull-up again. Return to onsighting 5.11s/redpointing 5.12s.

  20. Rachael P.

    Rachael P.

    Calgary, AB Fun