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  1. Lola J P W.

    Lola J P W.

    NC To LIVE a healthy lifestyle through mind, body and soul. Running, Yoga, Exercise, Snow Skiing, Healthy Eating. Surrounding myself with loving family and friends

  2. David N.

    David N.

    Mooresville, NC No injuries, 5:59 mile, 19:59 5K

  3. Claudene K.

    Claudene K.

    Train for a 5K, overall health and fitness

  4. Sarah
  5. Kim


    Cibolo, TX Ok, so I made my goals for 2012. This year I will get better at trail running. Remain smoke free. Cycle more.

  6. Stephanie F.

    Stephanie F.

    Nashville, TN Be ski ready all year long

  7. Sima M.

    Sima M.

    Ankara, TR

  8. Cara R.

    Cara R.

    Wichita, KS

  9. Sherry F.

    Sherry F.

    Tucson, AZ My goal is to run for 30 minutes

  10. Louella M V.

    Louella M V.

    Wake Forest, NC run more faster! do another half marathon in 2013 do more races do another tri

  11. Melissa S.

    Melissa S.

    Frisco, TX Have fun! Enjoy the great outdoors! Be mentally strong, and learn more!

  12. Leslie S.

    Leslie S.

    Littleton, CO SheRox 7/10, Out Door Divas sprint 8/14, Rattlesnake Sprint 8/21, Venus ride 8/28, Rock'n Roll half 10/9

  13. Katie


    TX 1. Be a fit, healthy mama. 2. Lose the deflated balloon like area around my middle (AKA Baby weight). 3. Get back into the sprint triathlons that I love.

  14. Tomi A.

    Tomi A.

    West Sacramento, CA Eppie's Great Race (Full Race) Done: 2009 Shamrock Half Done 2010 Mudd run, Folsom, CA

  15. Troy F.

    Troy F.

    Mc Kinney, TX Get Faster! - Barefoot! - Run 2nd Marathon - Tri? - Ultra?

  16. Barb S.

    Barb S.

    Cary, NC Exercise as often as possible around work schedule for health and fitness.

  17. Jay F.
  18. Jeremy M.

    Jeremy M.

    Hastings, NE Planned events for 2014: Tough Mudder Kansas, BRAN 34, Triple Bypass, Gravel Worlds,Tough Mudder Snowmass, Cyclocross Racing & the Market2Market

  19. Tokuyuki K.

    Tokuyuki K.

    New York, NY

  20. Stefan T.

    Stefan T.

    Montour Falls, NY To live better!