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  1. Lisa


    Pulaski, WI 1/2 marathon

  2. Janet V.

    Janet V.

    Woodland Park, CO Just to keep enjoying any and all exercises to stay healthy and strong for the activities I like.

  3. Tammy S.

    Tammy S.

    Kalispell, MT To run 12 half marathons in 2011

  4. Gayle P.

    Gayle P.

    Kittery, ME To increase my time being outside, to have fun. After a 2011 auto crash: to recover tone via walk/hike/kayak/snowshoe & finish the 4000 footers!

  5. Chris B.

    Chris B.

    Richmond, VA To Ultra Run,Bike, Enjoy Life,& The Great Outdoors Of The Blue Ridge Mtns Of NC.

  6. Tyler