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  1. L P.

    L P.

    Gainesville, FL Lose some weight and run more and maybe do a triathlon

  2. Chelsea M.

    Chelsea M.

    Boulder, CO Complete Danskin Women's Triathlon (done!), run a 5k in less than 30 min, improve tri times, work strength training into my tri training

  3. Kristen


    Dubai, AE Personal goal to increase distance

  4. Nataliya


    San Francisco, CA To play hard, to be strong, to be healthy, to live energetically, and enjoy every field, track, wave, mountain, and sunrise.

  5. Michael K.

    Michael K.

    Los Angeles, CA 13.1 1/2 Marathon Los Angeles Marathon 3:35

  6. April A.

    April A.

    Winchester, VA Overall goal is to just be happy, healthy and balanced.

  7. Chari R.

    Chari R.

    Lafayette, LA This year I have no goals, no expectations. I'm happy with that.

  8. Christian S.

    Christian S.

    Philippines, PH Lose Weight, Get Ripped and Improve Health.

  9. Jan S.

    Jan S.

    NJ Tough Mudder - May 2012 Marine Corps Maraton - Oct 2012

  10. Brett


    Sarasota, FL 1/2 marathon on 11/28/10 and perhaps a triathlon in there somewhere as well.

  11. Judy


    Barbados, BB Develop strength and stamina. Become fit and flexible,tight and toned. Embrace active living and healthy lifestyle.

  12. Leonardo T.

    Leonardo T.

    Italy, IT completing a half marathon .. then a Marathon!

  13. Melissa M.

    Melissa M.

    Cheshire, CT 2015 Goals: #1 is to excel at Marathon training like I excel at Tapering and Recovery :-) #2 is to not be a stranger to DM again... I missed y'all in 2014!

  14. Jon S.

    Jon S.

    Chicago, IL Is to liive forever!!!

  15. Jude L.

    Jude L.

    Simple run more! Lets start by aiming to run 20 minutes 3-4 per week.

  16. Sarah T.

    Sarah T.

    Saint Kitts and Nevis, KN To get in shape this semester and be more consistent with my workouts.

  17. Charlie R.

    Charlie R.

    Portland, OR For some reason I decided to sign up for Rugged Maniac, Spartan AND Tough Mudder. Time to train, train, TRAIN!

  18. Jeru Manger E.

    Jeru Manger E.

    Moalboal, PH Run for pinoy glory 21K 1:50

  19. Debby V.

    Debby V.

    Honolulu, HI Lavaman Waikoloa in March... and not come in last :-)

  20. Bertrand