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  1. Rita M.

    Rita M.

    Lindstrom, MN Live, love and move through life with a smile and gratitude.

  2. Kyle K.

    Kyle K.

    Seattle, WA Chelan Man 1/2 ironman

  3. Mike O.

    Mike O.

    Dracut, MA

  4. Jim D.

    Jim D.

    Littleton, CO Racquetball and skiing fitness

  5. Tapani T.

    Tapani T.

    Helsinki, FI to maintain and improve my fitness and to improve my performance at my favourite sports, cross country skiing and swimming.

  6. Maggie C.

    Maggie C.

    Chicago, IL Skiing in March and eventually the Chicago Marathon!

  7. Stacey W.

    Stacey W.

    Eugene, OR To run a PR for a half marathon (doable). To run a PR for a 5k (that will be tough). To be fit for skiing, hiking, climbing, biking.

  8. Gerry H.

    Gerry H.

    Huntington Beach, CA 3k Pursuit, Time Trialing, Criteriums - Cross Training for skiing.

  9. Jessie H.

    Jessie H.

    Kirkland, WA keep up the fitness and weight loss from doing the 20/20 lifestyles program; get fitter for skiing and for climbing Pacific North West volcanoes next summer

  10. Lola J P W.

    Lola J P W.

    NC To LIVE a healthy lifestyle through mind, body and soul. Running, Yoga, Exercise, Snow Skiing, Healthy Eating. Surrounding myself with loving family and friends

  11. Karen L.

    Karen L.

    Anchorage, AK Practice skate skiing, do lots of cycling, stop falling while clipped in, build strength, fine tune physique.

  12. Danielle D.

    Danielle D.

    Baton Rouge, LA To get in better shape for skiing and do more triathlons!!

  13. Andrew T.

    Andrew T.

    Gatineau, QC To keep riding, running, skiing and swimming for another 50 years!

  14. Helge J.

    Helge J.

    Trondheim, NO XC Skiing: Vasaloppet, Birkebeinerrennet Triathlon: Do my first races in 2012 Trollveggen Triathlon Axtri

  15. Amber Michelle M.

    Amber Michelle M.

    Black Hawk, CO To feel fast and strong and eventually to become a strong enough runner to enter some trail races. I also want to be fit for skiing.

  16. Mike R.

    Mike R.

    get 10 lbs off my frame.

  17. Philip R.

    Philip R.

    Cambridge, GB Getting fitter for health and better skiing.

  18. Sarah N.

    Sarah N.

    Palmer, AK Finish C25K and just be active in 2014 while losing 15 lbs in the process. (Jogging, Hiking, Cycling, Skiing)

  19. Maggie S.

    Maggie S.

    Minneapolis, MN

  20. David N.

    David N.

    Mooresville, NC No injuries, 5:59 mile, 19:59 5K