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  1. Travis
  2. Patrick
  3. Quinten
  4. Jonny B.

    Jonny B.

    CA I would like to cut my Cranna Lake run by 10 seconds. On the bike, I would like to increase my pace at long distance cycling. -Better my swimming technique

  5. Taylor
  6. Ramon
  7. Taylor B.

    Taylor B.

    Durham, NC To meet AWESOME local runners and spread the dailymile love!

  8. Evan G.

    Evan G.

    Washington, DC 1.) 75-mile ride in one day 2.) Log 4,000 miles for the calendar year of 2009 3.) Be super awesome 4.) Become a badass longboarder

  9. Robert


    Las Vegas, NV 10,000 miles!!!

  10. Jesse L.

    Jesse L.

    Richmond, VA Stay in shape and build endurance.

  11. Christian F.

    Christian F.

    Berlin, DE TSJAKKAA!

  12. Ryan M.

    Ryan M.

    Portland, OR Drop 30 lbs. (to 190)

  13. Ed D.

    Ed D.

    Waialua, HI Overall fitness. Keep up with my XC runners.

  14. Dan O.

    Dan O.

    Rochester, NY Run.

  15. Aaron A.

    Aaron A.

    Broken Arrow, OK To start running eltramarathons.

  16. Dan D.

    Dan D.

    Chicago, IL Endurance and Cardio, 150 lbs & active

  17. Rita W.

    Rita W.

    Vancouver, BC to eventually work up to running 10 km every other day

  18. Wes


    fun & fitness

  19. Andy V.

    Andy V.

    Mammoth Lakes, CA The arduous demands of firefighting and Jiu Jitsu.

  20. Skyler W.

    Skyler W.

    Orange, CA Ironman Arizona