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  1. Casey
  2. Philadona

    Philadona And I love Skype too!

  3. Parker
  4. Tillman
  5. Victoria C.

    Victoria C.

    US I love singing and i have practiced enough, i want to become a famous singer. i just need a good platform and waiting for the right moment. have a good time.

  6. Nikayla
  7. Eric
  8. Ivan
  9. Lou


  10. Rick
  11. Edwin
  12. Hayes
  13. Berry
  14. Bryan B.

    Bryan B.

    Chicago, IL to rock!

  15. Amy S.
  16. Taryn H.

    Taryn H.

    Austin, TX

  17. Roger H.

    Roger H.

    Fayetteville, AR I'd like to get to a point where I can do a 3,000 mile cross country bike ride. Perhaps this summer?

  18. Kelsey D.

    Kelsey D.

    Durango, CO 2010 Ironman Arizona!

  19. Alma I.

    Alma I.

    Milwaukee, WI To lose final 10lbs for Ultimate Goal!!!

  20. Annemarie A.

    Annemarie A.

    San Francisco, CA Vineman 2012