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  1. Tom


  2. Bing
  3. Christina P.

    Christina P.

    Sterling, CT Get into shape! Tracking 6 weeks training until my first 5k (September 2nd) and beyond!

  4. Luis
  5. Kareem
  6. Paolo
  7. Zack
  8. Simon
  9. Wesley
  10. Doug B.

    Doug B.

    Raymore, MO Anything over nothing at this point.

  11. Tasha P.

    Tasha P.

    Fruitland Park, FL To get back into shape. I've gone on long enough in self wallowing. Time to get back to who I was physically and mentally.

  12. Dennie Y.

    Dennie Y.

    Gardena, CA

  13. Gary H.

    Gary H.

    Lawrence, KS Hawk Hundred, Sept. 10-11, 2011

  14. Jeff K.

    Jeff K.

    Florenceville Bristol, NB Fitness

  15. Nancy


    Pearland, TX

  16. Bill S.

    Bill S.

    Springfield, MO New PR in the 5K, and the 1/2 Marathon. Run a full marathon, and a 10K

  17. Jesse S.

    Jesse S.

    Apopka, FL police academy training

  18. Kevin S.

    Kevin S.

    Warren, MI Wish-A-Mile 3 day, 300 mile bike tour, Backpacking in Glacier National Park, and a few 5k or 10k runs.

  19. George P.

    George P.

    St Louis, MO a marathon relay/10K, then a 10 mile, then a half marathon, eventually a full marathon.

  20. Oliver B.

    Oliver B.

    Glossop, GB Manchester 10k, climbing Mont Blanc and the Great Yorkshire Run.